Patio Installation | Inviting outdoor living areas custom designed to your style and need.

Retaining Wall Repair | The perfect finishing touch for your landscaping project.

Driveway Installation | Paving the way for high quality driveways and concrete foundation pads.

Driveway Repair | Rebuild and revitalize your aging or damaged driveway.

Crawl Space Encapsulation | Restore structure, usability, and energy efficiency in your basement.

Commercial Concrete Repair | Restoring structure, security, and aesthetic value throughout the community.

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Walworth County Basement Remodeling & RepairEast Troy crawl space encapsulation services

Though East Troy locals aren’t required to have a basement by any Wisconsin building codes, they are incredible common and are highly recommended to create a firm home foundation. Yet shifting ground or accidental flooding can damage the concrete floor and walls, ruining your basement and threatening the stability of the foundation. The total cost of repairs can be astronomical! Craftsmen Concrete & Contractors are the pros you need for affordable basement repairs and remodeling.

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Our East Troy concrete professionals provide the right services for basement remodeling and repair, including:

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Exterior Concrete Install & Repair East Troy

East Troy construction combines the charm of rustic living with modern architecture, which often features. It’s no surprise many homes and commercial buildings require regular concrete repair and installation. Maintaining a building is so expensive – how can you afford it?

Craftsmen Concrete & Contractors has affordable install and repair services in southeast Wisconsin. From fixing large restaurant patios to pouring fresh concrete for a residential driveway, we are the company to trust in getting the job done on time and on budget. Contact our Walworth County concrete specialists for a free quote today!

East Troy Concrete Crack and Damage Repair

With all the seasonal weather changes in Wisconsin, concrete in East Troy undergoes a lot of expanding, shrinking, and shifting. When left unchecked, this leads to severe structural damage. Our East Troy concrete contractors repair the following applications:

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