Patio Installation | Inviting outdoor living areas custom designed to your style and need.

Retaining Wall Repair | The perfect finishing touch for your landscaping project.

Driveway Installation | Paving the way for high quality driveways and concrete foundation pads.

Driveway Repair | Rebuild and revitalize your aging or damaged driveway.

Crawl Space Encapsulation | Restore structure, usability, and energy efficiency in your basement.

Commercial Concrete Repair | Restoring structure, security, and aesthetic value throughout the community.

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Milwaukee Concrete Contractors

Concrete Installation & Repair for Milwaukee LocalsMilwaukee home sidewalk repair

Milwaukee is a concrete jungle that bustles with excitement from morning to night. The city features an eclectic mix of concrete building styles, all of which require regular upkeep in the interior and exterior. How do you continue to maintain a building’s concrete exterior with the price of concrete already so expensive?

Craftsmen Concrete & Contractors install and repair concrete work in Milwaukee. From fixing small residential patios to pouring fresh concrete for commercial buildings, we feature the best concrete services in southeast Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Basement Repair & Remodeling Services

Milwaukee residents and business owners aren’t required to have a basement, but it’s highly recommended. The basement is a great foundation for a building and can be used as extra storage space, a rec room, in-home theater, or a place to showcase a special collection.

Craftsmen Concrete are the professionals you need for basement remodeling. Our concrete basement repair services include:

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Concrete Crack and Damage Repair in Milwaukee County

Concrete in Wisconsin experiences a lot of wear and tear. As the weather changes, concrete can shrink, expand, and dry out, leading to severe structural damage. Our professional concrete contractors repair the following cracked and damaged applications:

Finding the right professional for concrete repair is easy with Craftsmen Concrete. Trust our concrete experts to answer any of your questions and finish the job correctly, the first time.

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