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Milwaukee Basement Crack Repair

Milwaukee Cracked Basement Wall Repairs

Common basement concrete wall cracks are commonly caused by uneven settling, thermal expansion and excessive pressure from outside the foundation wall.  Even small cracks allow moisture intrusion and possibly further destruction. Determining the crack’s causation is necessary to provide proper repairs.  Craftsmen Concrete’s crack repair experts are trained to identify causation and determine the appropriate action to take.  We provide the best Milwaukee basement crack repair services ensuring your home remains waterproof and structurally sound. 

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Milwaukee's Expert Basement Crack Repair Consultation Determines and Exterminates the Problem

ConcreteCrackWaukeshaThe nature of your basement wall crack will determine the necessary repairs.  Our experienced Milwaukee concrete repair contractors are trained to diagnose the cause and severity of your basement’s cracks.   Vertical basement wall cracks are usually caused by thermal expansion or shrinkage due to drying.  In the case of vertical cracks we commonly utilize low pressure crack injections for repair. Our skilled Milwaukee basement waterproofing contractors utilize the top basement wall crack injection material filling and sealing cracks with epoxy or urethane foam.  Thoroughly sealed basement cracks ensure your wall is durable and waterproof for years to come.  Horizontal cracking can be a bit more serious.  Horizontal cracks are usually caused by inward bowing due to outside pressure.  Structural stability comes into question when cracks of this nature occur.  Our expert Milwaukee concrete repair contractors establish the most efficient and effective means of repairing horizontal cracks and ensuring future problems are avoided.  We complete each and every Waukesha basement crack repair project efficiently to quickly return your peace of mind with a stable home.

Milwaukee Waterproofing Prevents Basement Cracks

Two main causes of basement wall cracking are moisture intrusion and improper drainage.  Our skilled basement contractors provide expert Milwaukee waterproofing services preventing basement cracks.  We utilize effective drainage systems diverting water away from your home.  Keeping water away from your home keeps water from saturating the soil around your foundation and causing excessive outside pressure.  Minimizing your concrete’s contact with moisture averts damaging water erosion.


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