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Milwaukee Mold Removal Services

Milwaukee Mold Remediation Experts

Mold spores will thrive and grow in homes with high levels of humidity.  Humidity can be caused by moisture seeping into your basement through cracks in the concrete foundation or an unsealed dirt crawl space.  Craftsmen Concrete’s mold mitigation experts provide the best mold removal services to ensure your mold problem is eradicated before it leads to expensive structural damage or health concerns for your family. Our dedication to providing the best quality service has made us Milwaukee’s choice for mold removal services.  When it comes to your family’s health and safety, don’t settle for less than the best.

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Step One: Milwaukee Mold Remediation Services

MilwaukeeMoldRemediationCraftsmen Concrete’s Milwaukee mold removal specialists will locate and eradicate all mold colonies and mold spores.  Mold colonies can grow anywhere in your home and be spread throughout the air by your HVAC system. Our mold mitigation Milwaukee specialists perform comprehensive inspections with the tools and expertise to successfully locate all mold colonies in your home.  Once we’re certain we have located all areas with dangerous mold growth we will contain those zones to properly begin the extraction process.  Our Milwaukee mold mitigation specialists utilize specialized air scrubbers and vacuums in our mold extraction processes.  Our high power vacuums remove all surface mold colonies including those invisible to your human eye.  Our air scrubbers ensure your air is mold free by cycling the air repeatedly and trapping all airborne mold spores inside.  We perform extensive IAQ testing to ensure our mold remediation services have successfully eliminated all traces of airborne mold.  Our thorough mold mitigation process results in complete mold removal and vast improvement in your IAQ.  Have peace of mind knowing our experts have removed all traces of mold.  Rest easy knowing new growth and possible structural damage have been avoided.  We know the importance of your family’s health and safety.  Our first class mold removal services guarantee your home will be safe for your family once again.

Step Two: Milwaukee Mold Prevention

Preventing future mold growth is essential in keeping your home free from dangerous levels of mold.  We apply special antimicrobials throughout your home to prevent mold growth.  Craftsmen Concrete’s qualified Milwaukee concrete and basement repair contractors provide top notch Milwaukee basement waterproofing services and install the best crawl space encapsulation systems to reduce mold facilitating moisture levels and humidity in your home.  New mold growth will cease.  Our highly skilled concrete and basement repair Milwaukee contractors perform mold removal and prevention services to the highest standard of quality ensuring your family and home are protected.


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