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Milwaukee Concrete Repair Testimonials

Milwaukee Concrete and Basement Repair Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Milwaukee Crack RepairCraftsmen Concrete has provided a multitude of concrete and basement repair services to a plethora of customers giving them complete satisfaction. Our dedication to performing the highest quality Milwaukee basement waterproofing and repair service has successfully satisfied countless customers in Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Waukesha and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

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Craftsmen Concrete’s reputable concrete contractors’ commitment to providing the best Milwaukee concrete repair services is exercised in all basement and concrete repairs we complete. Our customers receive the best basement waterproofing, Milwaukee foundation crack repair, crawl space encapsulation, flatwork crack repair, sea wall repair and patio concrete repair services in southeastern Wisconsin.

Satisfied customers from Lake Geneva to Milwaukee have provided extremely flattering testimonials. Our customers’ testimonials highlight the unmatched level of quality service we employ in every contract. Browse through testimonials from our numerous satisfied customers and see how Craftsmen Concrete is your number one choice for top notch concrete and basement repair services.

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Positive Reviews & Statements

"Jim fixed my basement in the summer of 2017. He found me a good value solution.

My basement is a series of dirt floor crawl spaces with a stone foundation. I had no idea what to do with it. I called Jim and badger basements for quotes. Badger Basements said they could come give me an estimate in a month, Jim came over within days. He gave me a quote that was close to what I expected. I wanted to wait for badger basements to come take a look but I ended up giving Jim the job. I did feel a little rushed but I assumed that I couldn't afford Badger basements. After all, I could barely afford Jim's quote.

Jim's solution was to put down a thick vapor barrier (22mm) that covered the floor and went up the walls in each crawlspace. He also patched my stone walls that needed various repairs.

The scope of the work was vague in the contract. It left me confused . I thought he was going to tuck point all of my walls. I spoke to Jim about it and we clear up the confusion. He tuck-pointed the wall that really needed it and He also removed and filled in a broken window. He did this at no charge and it left me feeling better.

After the job was done, I did end up in the crawlspaces re-taping parts of the vapor barrier to make a better seal. Then I bought a large foam pack and sprayed the barrier to the wall so it made a tight seal. I was annoyed at first but the more I look back I realize that I do the same thing to everyone that works for me. I am more picky than some expect.

I looked up material costs and did the math. I figured I could have saved some money by doing it myself but it would have taken me many dozens of hours and I would have been miserable. Theres a good chance I wouldn't have finished.

My house is SO much cleaner now and I feel better knowing that my foundation is fixed. I didn't know it but my HVAC ducts were sucking up the dirt from the crawlspaces and blowing it everywhere. The dust was horrible, now my house is normal. Contractors that have been in my basement have commented that they like what I did with my crawlspaces. There aren't many solutions for a basement with dirt crawlspaces, short of spending many tens of thousands of dollars. Jim found me a solution that was reasonably priced and that worked. It did take him longer than he expected, but the same thing happens with everyone i've hired or worked for, so I wasn't surprised. What I really liked is that I could trust Jim to work at my house unattended. My suggestion to everyone is to always have a crystal clear scope of work in a contract.

Thank you for your work Jim."

Satisfied customer from Eagle, Wisconsin


"This company has done work for me in Lake Geneva a few times. Very fair prices and professional work. Nice folks and workers."

Satisfied customer from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


"In 2007 I had a house building on the shore of a lake. James of Craftsmen Concrete was contracted to help me process a drainage problem that I was experiencing. The home had two sub pumps that were going off in the basement every 15 minutes. The basement is a full basement with 7 foot ceilings, but the floor is above the water level of the lake.

James was able to look at the situation and recommended a drainage system in which he placed drain-tile around the basement exterior walls and pitched the tile so that the excess ground water that was flowing around the basement and causing the sub pumps to go off would be diverted in to the lake.

Craftsmen Concrete gave a very reasonable quote for the project and began the next week. The work crew was very professional, protecting the yard and installed the tile and filled it in within a few day's time. The entire crew was focused and all appeared to be on the "same page" about what needed to be done.

It has been three years and since then, the sub pumps have very seldom gone off to divert water from the basement, and it was during a flood-like rainstorm that flooded all the basements of my neighbors. There is only one time that I remember them going off and I was surprised by the noise because it had been so long since they had been used."


Dr. Daniel W. Bishop, Psy.D

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


"Jim Mullens repaired a major crack in our sea wall on Pewaukee Lake. He was timely, tidy, and professional. I recommend him highly and just called him to do more work for our home. He fits small job in to his schedule quickly and is a pleasure to work with."

Susan G. 

Pewaukee, Wisconsin


"Our Lake Geneva house was seeping water through the basement foundation walls for years, especially after heavy rains or snow melts. We tried painting the walls, fixing the gutters, and we bought special waterproofing material and painted the basement walls with it, all over again. The problem still remained. We then called Jim at Craftsmen Concrete, not knowing if he could help. He evaluated the problem, and much to our surprise, it was not even near the expense that we expected. His resolution of our problem completely fixed our basement water leaking. We are so happy that we called him to fix our problem. No water in the basement all! Thank you, Craftsmen Concrete, and Jim!" 

Gail J.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


"We had some driveway and garage problems due to settling and years of salt and weather. The approach to our garage was actually crumbling. Jim came out and took care of the problems in 1 day, and at a cost which was much less than other estimates we had received. The work was excellent, professional and on time. We definitely recommend Craftsmen Concrete."

Satisfied customer from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


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