Patio Installation | Inviting outdoor living areas custom designed to your style and need.

Retaining Wall Repair | The perfect finishing touch for your landscaping project.

Driveway Installation | Paving the way for high quality driveways and concrete foundation pads.

Driveway Repair | Rebuild and revitalize your aging or damaged driveway.

Crawl Space Encapsulation | Restore structure, usability, and energy efficiency in your basement.

Commercial Concrete Repair | Restoring structure, security, and aesthetic value throughout the community.

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Milwaukee residential & commercial concrete contractor

Concrete repair and installation services

Milwaukee Commercial Concrete Contractor

Craftsmen Concrete’s contractors provide the best repair and installation services, including:

Based in Elkhorn, our services extend throughout Southeastern Wisconsin:

Our concrete repair contractors have the expertise to pinpoint and properly repair all problem areas, rather than simply covering them up. We offer professional consultation diagnosing symptoms of failing concrete forms and provide top quality repair services.

Concrete Contractor for Commercial Buildings Milwaukee

Concrete foundation repair services for Southeastern Wisconsin

Our skilled commercial concrete technicians have several years of experience, ensuring each and every project is completed in a timely fashion and to the proper specifications. Whether we’re fixing high-traffic staircases or creating floors to support heavy machinery, our commercial concrete contractors possess the expertise for the finest work. After all, concrete is in our name.

Top 5 advantages of concrete for commercial properties

Why trust concrete for your foundation?

It’s a miracle mixture that does it all and is utilized for its strength and longevity. Learn more below about how concrete benefits residential and commercial structures.

  1. Easier installation – no required cure time with small or even large areas
  2. Durable – strong and tough, upholding tons of weight from vehicles and machinery
  3. Versatile – no matter the shape or design, concrete fits well either way
  4. Maintainable – cleaning is easy with sweeping and occasionally rinsing off
  5. Safer – easier to see at night because of lighter color

Craftsmen Concrete installs and mainly works with concrete, which promises solid and reliable completion in any finished project. Trust our foundation crack repair services for flawless work and affordable prices.

Milwaukee flatwork crack repair services

Cracks in your concrete flatwork are unsightly and can facilitate further issues with moisture intrusion and mold, and also allow dangerous radon gas into your home. Incomplete or improperly mended flatwork does nothing to gain back lost property value.


Our skilled concrete repair contractors comprehensively repair your flatwork fully restoring your lost property value. We

 are committed to providing you with the most efficient flatwork repair services. Trust Milwaukee Craftsmen Concrete to fill in the gaps with your basement floor with expert concrete flatwork crack repair services.

Driveway concrete repair

A damaged driveway means damaged property value. A decrease in your property value is the worst when it comes to homeownership. Don't let it happen to you!

Let our expert concrete repair contractors provide you with the best driveway repair services. We don’t simply glaze over your driveway cracks with cheap sealant. It's a dishonest way to run a business. Our driveway technicians thoroughly repair and reinforce damaged areas, which ensures your driveway holds strong through extreme weather and heavy traffic.

Retaining wall repair contractors

Excessive force can push a concrete retaining wall until it topples, ruining your investment entirely. Craftsmen Concrete’s Milwaukee retaining wall repair experts are trained to identify warning signs of a failing wall. We repair and reinforce your retaining wall before the damage becomes too severe and fix the issues, rather than merely fixing the symptoms. We provide you with a durable concrete retaining wall standing securely for years.

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Unmatched patio concrete repair

The two major causes for cracked concrete patios are:

  • Improper drainage
  • Poor installation

Our experienced concrete repair contractors know the importance of remedying damage-causing factors, rather than just covering the cracks. We provide thorough repair services for your patio, ensuring its strength and stability through extreme weather and lots of traffic. Whether you have a huge backyard patio, or a small corner of your property, we repair any-size patios, including:

  • Stained concrete patios
  • Stamped concrete patios

Trust our friendly patio repair technicians to effectively patch and restore your patio, so you can enjoy the outdoors once again. Call Craftsmen Concrete now! 

Milwaukee seawall repair

A failed seawall means expensive replacement to maintain a protective barrier for your property line.  Seawalls show symptoms of failure far before they actually fail.  Our concrete seawall repair contractors utilize years of expertise to properly diagnose and remedy issues before failure occurs.  We provide detailed and complete repair of failing components restoring stability to your seawall and protecting your property line.

Concrete services you can count on

Craftsmen Concrete are dependable commercial concrete contractors, consistently delivering the highest quality service in the timeliest fashion. Whether it’s repairing or installing concrete before or after your busy schedule, we work around your routine for convenience. 

From small-scale jobs to large-scale projects, we accurately assess each under all types of budgets. Our business thrives on loyal customers, and we want to keep it that way. 

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