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Milwaukee Seawall Repair

Living next to water has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other resident location. Waking up to a beautiful sunset on the lake is a peaceful setting, however, when dangerous tides crash into the side of your house, threatening damage and erosion, it isn’t such a calming experience. You need a shield against Mother Nature and her destructive forces. Help is on the way with Craftsmen Concrete and Contractors, protecting your investment from strong-pushing waves, deterioration, or even the occasional pirate. Don’t let Moby Dick capsize your home, like a ship on the open water. Let our skilled Milwaukee area seawall repair experts take the helm. 

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Purposes for Seawalls

Built for several reasons, seawalls are your best protection against the harsh effects of constant tide swells. Keeping your home safe and secure is our mission in installing seawalls, guaranteeing top-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Reasons to have a seawall installed include:

  • Protecting your property line from water erosion
  • Shielding from flood waters
  • Preventing surrounding soil from slidingSeawallMilwaukee
  • Our Milwaukee concrete repair specialists will keep your property shielded behind a reliable seawall.

    Different Types of Seawalls

    Depending on the degree of nearby tide swells, there are 3 types of seawall construction, built to combat the moods of the waves. All still have one goal in keeping water out and away from your home, however, they approach it differently.

    All types of seawalls require ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement, due to constant exposure of water. 

    Steadfast Seawall Services in Milwaukee

    Joint separation, seawall cap failure, berm failure and complete breakage at the seawall’s waterline are the four main failures in seawalls.  Large cracks, sinkholes behind the seawall, a sagging wall or deteriorating cap are symptoms indicating different deficiencies in your seawall.  Our knowledgeable Milwaukee concrete contractors decipher these symptoms and establish the proper reinforcements or repairs to keep your seawall sturdy for years to come.  For severe seawall damage our concrete contractors provide efficient seawall replacement maintaining the barrier between your property and water erosion.

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    Seawall Repairs Protecting Your Milwaukee Area Property

    Most symptoms leading to seawall failure involve erosion of certain essential components of the seawall structure.  Avoid expensive seawall repairs or failure when our skilled concrete repair contractors remedy structural deficiencies before they affect the entire wall’s stability.  Our Milwaukee seawall repairers prevent seawall failure by replacing the seawall cap, reinforcing the tie back or placing a sturdy rip-rap where berm has been washed away.  Experience peace of mind knowing your seawall will stand sturdy protecting your land from eroding away into the water by having our expert concrete repair contractors identify and repair all structural issues.


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