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Milwaukee Foundation Crack Repair Services

Professional MilwaukeeFoundation Crack Repair and Sealing

Milwaukee Foundation RepairCracks in your foundation are not an issue you can wait to fix. Even the smallest foundation cracks can expand and grow over time causing serious problems in the future. Foundation cracks can be caused by outside pressure, uneven settling or shrinkage during drying. Our experienced Milwaukee concrete repair contractors are trained to establish the crack’s causation, severity and proper methods of repair. We provide the best quality foundation crack repair services in Milwaukee, Delavan, Waukesha, Elkhorn and Lake Geneva.

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Expert Crack Causation Consultation from Craftsmen Concrete

The causation of a foundation crack affects the severity and proper repair strategy. Vertical cracks can be caused by shrinkage during drying or thermal movements of the wall. Uneven settling of the footing below your foundation can cause diagonal, zig-zag cracking along your wall’s mortar joints. Our concrete contractors will assess your vertical foundation crack to determine how severe the crack is and develop the best plan to resolve any and all structural issues. Horizontal cracking generally requires more concern. Horizontal cracking means the wall is most likely bowing in due to outside pressure. Improper drainage systems lead to water saturating the soil around your foundation wall. Water-saturated soil is a common source of excessive force against your foundation. This outside pressure can build to extremely dangerous levels if not dealt with properly. Prevention of further issues is essential when dealing with bowed in foundation walls due to outside pressure. Our Milwaukee basement waterproofing contractors utilize efficient drainage systems diverting water away from your home and minimizing water saturation around your foundation. Our concrete repair contractors utilize years of expertise to carefully inspect problem areas and causes to determine the best repair strategy. We find the most efficient method to comprehensively mend your foundation cracks to protect your home’s stability for years to come.

Foundation Crack Repair Tactics from Milwaukee's Experts

We employ the best repair methods suited to your unique foundation crack problems. Foundation cracks due to thermal movement or uneven settling can be effectively repaired after the movement stops. Cracks caused by outside pressure should be dealt with immediately. Our concrete repair contractors utilize only the best quality foam injection materials for each and every foundation crack repair project ensuring your homes stability is secure for years to come. These epoxy or urethane foams fill and seal the cracks as well as fill in the possible pockets of water behind the crack. If the severity of your foundation crack is large enough we may recommend additional support bracing or complete removal and replacement of the wall. Our concrete contractors perform these repairs efficiently to quickly bring you piece of mind with a stable foundation. Our expert contractors identify the best steps to prevent further foundation cracking. By fixing the causes of your foundation’s cracks as well as the cracks themselves we ensure your home’s stability for years to come.

Milwaukee Foundation Crack Repair:  Big and Small We Fix Them All

Minor cracks in your foundation can grow and present serious structural issues. It is important to catch these small problems before they cause serious damage to your home. We recommend regular inspections of any issues with foundation cracks to avoid costly repairs in the future. Our expert Milwaukee foundation crack repair contractors show the same dedication to quality in jobs of all sizes. We provide the best crack repair services from extremely small narrow cracks to major repairs or tear out and replacement.


Don’t let minor foundation cracks turn into big problems in the future. Contact Craftsmen Concrete’s expert Milwaukee foundation crack repair contractors in Milwaukee, Elkhorn, Delavan, Waukesha and Lake Geneva.