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Milwaukee Concrete Patio Repair

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Wisconsin winters cause severe cracking and crumbling on your patio, making it unattractive and unavailable for use. When the snow melts and spring finally arrives, you discover your patio is far from ready for block parties and barbecues. Do you install a brand new patio?

Craftsmen Concrete is the answer to your patio woes. We repair to its once pristine condition, no matter the cause. Our concrete patio repair experts utilize their expert knowledge and skills to determine weak spots in your concrete patio and restore lasting stability to your patio by thoroughly mending and reinforcing all problem areas. 

What Causes Concrete Patio to Crack?

The three main causes of concrete patio cracking are weather, improper drainage, and incorrect installation. It’s a hard bargain especially when your recently-hired contractors did shoddy work in your backyard and didn’t take the time to finish the job correctly.

Half-baked concrete patio installation work includes:

  1. Poured on frozen ground – The ground’s soil hasn’t settled yet, and when it does, your concrete will suffer.
  2. Too weak of concrete – Concrete comes in different types of strengths, and a professional-grade craftsman should know what type your patio needs.
  3. Too much water in the mixture – Adding water makes the concrete easier to work with, but combining too much weakens its strength.  
  4. Too quick of drying time – Driving on the concrete right away without it thoroughly drying increases its chance of cracking.

Craftsmen Concrete sets itself apart from others in completing patio repair jobs the right way, the first time. There are several dishonest concrete companies out there; it’s our job to provide customers with the right information and full-service concrete repair.

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Types of Stamped Concrete Patio Designs

Today’s concrete technology gives you the freedom to choose whatever design fits your outdoor property’s style. Stamped concrete is offered in several types of patterns, including:

No matter the design, layout, size, or pattern of your stamped concrete, our patio repair technicians properly fix and improve your outdoor property the way it should be done. No gimmicks, tricks, or ploys here; only trustworthy service for an affordable price. 

Milwaukee Residential & Commercial Concrete Patio Repair

No matter the traditional or contemporary patio style, Craftsmen Concrete abides by the highest standard of quality when repairing your outdoor property. Have a patio outside your restaurant, or in your own backyard that needs a serious makeover? Trust us for determining the precise remedy for your cracked patio, performing repairs with the most cost-effective work, and correctly completing the job.

The outdoors are meant to enjoy. Enjoy nature on your newly-fixed patio!


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