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Milwaukee Retaining Wall Contractor

Milwaukee Retaining Wall Installation

Sliding earth and soil isn’t the most ideal when shaping your property on the outside. Keeping mulch, soil, and grass separate makes any property look clean and well-manicured. We at Craftsmen Concrete are your top-qualified retaining wall installation service, building creative wall designs for southeastern Wisconsin residences. 

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Retaining Wall Repair Services Retaining Stability in Milwaukee

RetainingWallWisconsinRetaining walls develop several structural issues with age and erosion.  Cracked concrete, deteriorating mortar and failing structural components can lead to a toppling retaining wall.  You can easily tell if your wall is in poor condition.  When the wall is tilting, moving, cracked or separating from adjoining walls it is time for expert consultation.  Craftsmen Concrete provides the best Milwaukee concrete repair services restoring stability to your retaining wall for years to come.

Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls serve one main purpose in landscape add-ons. Walls retrain sliding soil to unnatural slopes, binding it together between two different elevations. Homeowners like to install retaining walls for decorative purposes, adding flower beds and places for plants to thrive. Road architects and farmers have different reasons in mind. Sliding soil must be confined in order to form roadways and crop areas. Whatever the motive, retaining walls are a perfect addition to any estate.

Types of Retaining Walls

 Hold your ground! Milwaukee's retaining wall experts are here to help shape your backyard, adding interest to the landscape, while keeping soil from sliding around.

Milwaukee Concrete Repair Contractors Fix Your Wall before it Falls

Don’t let obvious signs of wear and tear lead to complete failure of your retaining wall.  A total retaining wall replacement can be quite expensive and could be avoided by making proper repairs before the issues get too serious.   It is important to acquire professional advice when considering repairing your retaining wall.  Minor issues could turn out to be serious structural problems halfway through your “simple” repair job leading to a collapsing wall and possible property damage or human injury.  Our expert concrete repair contractors have the wealth of knowledge to accurately diagnose the problem and repair it in the most efficient and cost effective way.  Excessive pressure pushing against the retaining wall is usually the cause behind a tilting or leaning wall.  It is essential to fix the root of the problem rather than masking it with a simple surface makeover.  Our expert Milwaukee retaining wall repair contractors install high quality wall anchors providing additional structural stability.  We provide reinforced retaining walls standing stalwart for years to come.

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Retaining Wall Contractors Fix & Repair in Milwaukee

Craftsmen Concrete offers a variety of concrete installation and repair services for Southeastern Wisconsin residents and business owners. Aside from retaining walls, we extend our skills to other outdoor and indoor needs. Our concrete services include installation and repair of the following:

We also provide residential and commercial basement waterproofing and remodeling. Whether you need a crawl space encapsulation installed, or the entire basement waterproofed, Craftsmen Concrete does it all.


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